Twin Falls, Idaho

Before visiting the temple, I ate lunch at a local Mexican restaurant in Twin Falls named La Fiesta. Strangely their name wasn’t on the building, but there were two American flags flying. The food was good, and the color of paint worked for a Mexican restaurant.Twin Falls, ID La Fiesta Mexican RestaurantThis temple looks much like the Rexburg temple. They were both constructed in 2008. Here’s an aerial photo I took from the sky while shooting aerial videos of the temple.

Twin Falls, ID Aerial of temple

One of the sealers in the Twin Falls, Idaho temple is a man named John R. Coleman. He’s in his 80’s. He was set apart by Robert D. Hales in 1999. Sealers are the people who perform marriages in the temples. They have a special authority to do this.

We got talking, he was interested where I was from and why I was in Twin Falls. In the course of the conversation he said his late wife had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer a few years ago. She had one tumor in her colon, and one in her liver, with several lesions. The chemo caused the tumor in her colon to disappear, but it only slowed down the growth of the tumors in the liver. She lived 22 months and was 78 when she passed away.

At the time Tiffany was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer she already had 12 tumors in her liver, 5 large and 7 smaller, and she lived for 17 months.

I have a feeling of sadness as I’m thinking about this and writing about it. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer. If it has spread to the liver before it’s found and diagnosed, chances of survival are very slim. Current treatments are ineffective against colon cancer at this stage. There has been so much suffering by so many people. I just feel sad and subdued to think about it.

As I was driving from Twin Falls to Boise, Idaho last night in preparation to visit the Boise temple, I got a call from one of my business partners.

He was sitting in his $4 million dollar mansion, alone, wondering why he has so much money but doesn’t have freedom. He taught me the principles of financial freedom through passive income streams, and it has enabled me the freedom to do this temple trip.

He sees me doing this trip, looks at his life, and wonders.

It was a reflective day visiting the Twin Falls temple.

Here’s the aerial video:

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  1. Looking good Damon! The comments about the Mexican restaurant with USA flags made me chuckle. And I think it is going to be awesome to see the aerial photos you will take! (It surprises me ZERO that you have a flying “toy” on your trip.)

    I have found it interesting that when I mention to others about colon cancer, many have told me about a brother, father, aunt, etc. that they lost due to it. It is sobering.

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