San Diego, California

If you’ve ever driven through La Jolla, California on Highway 5, you’ve seen the San Diego temple. It’s brilliant, massive, and striking.

My son Spencer moved to San Diego a couple weeks ago and we got to spend some time together. He helped do the aerial filming. This is his favorite temple. He also found the perfect place to take our pictures…


I stayed in La Jolla at the Embassy Suites. What makes it worthwhile is the made-to-order breakfast omelets, yum.


These plants with the purple flowers on long stems remind me of growing up in California. We had them around our houses in Los Altos and Morgan Hill, and I can’t remember seeing them anywhere else outside of California. I don’t even know what they are called.


Here are more pictures I took around the temple grounds:

IMG_2640 IMG_2644 IMG_2646

The sun was just about to set when the aerial was filmed, just like in Oakland. It sure makes for a nice video:

5 thoughts on “San Diego, California

  1. I believe the flower is called an agapanthus. I think we had some at our Los Altos house too. 🙂 Beautiful pictures of one of the more stunning temples. Lookin’ good, Spencer!

  2. Ha! Yes, the stick flowers! I don’t think I’ve seen them outside of CA, so it is a definite memory for me of childhood. Great to see Spencer! (Really, I’m not copying Shelby, we just were thinking along the same lines.)

    • I remember when Spencer and Taylor put all those desks together for you at Lifestyles Unlimited. They were little pip-squeaks back then 🙂 They tower over me now!

  3. The airiel video on this one is stunning!!! And as it turns out, we have those flowers in our backyard! What I love about them is that they almost always bloom around the 4th of July and it reminds me of the fireworks 🙂

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