What are LDS temples?

They are the most beautiful buildings in the Mormon church. We don’t have church services there, our weekly services are done in regular church buildings. Temples are unique and because they represent our devotion to God, they are built with the highest quality materials and include beautiful architecture and art.

In Old Testament times God’s people had temples and sacred ordinances were performed there. Our modern day temples exist for the same purpose, to perform ordinances that bring us closer to God.

For example marriages are performed in the temples. This is considered a sacred ordinance that marries a husband and wife for this life and beyond this life as they keep their promises to God to remain faithful following him.

At the time I’m writing this (June 28, 2015) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains and operates 147 temples throughout the world. 79 are in the United States.

What do temples mean to me?

It is a place on earth where I feel peace. Where I connect with God.

Where everyone is treated kindly and with smiles.

Where I feel light.

Of all places on earth it is the most beautiful, peaceful, and full of light place I know.

I am always welcome.

In my darkest moments I have found solice and comfort there.

It is quiet. People talk in whispers or not at all.

There is beautiful art. There are symbols that represent everything that is good in life, in people, and in God’s love for us.

It is where I receive insights and guidance on my life. Answers to my questions. Inspiration on what to do.

I have sat for hours in the temple wondering how to help a child addicted to drugs, and then receiving guidance through gentle promptings.

I’ve meditated and prayed in the temple about a career change I was considering. In response I had an overwhelming feeling of God’s love for me and His acceptance of all I’ve done to serve him and His children throughout my life. And a confirmation I should proceed with the career change.

I’ve had quiet discussions with a man who has been a bishop three times and had much counsel and guidance to offer me.

I work with good men and women of faith who dedicate their time and energy to serving and blessing other people.

I associate with good people from all walks of life. I grow in my faith of God, understanding my purpose in life, and God’s plan for me.

I learn wisdom in the temple. Not worldly wisdom, but godly wisdom. The kind of wisdom that stays true through the ages.

Temples mean family and loved ones to me.

I think of family members who are struggling and I include their names on the list of people we pray for.

I feel close to my spiritual roots in the temple. To who I really am, which is different than how the world perceives me. I understand better where I came from, why I’m here, and where I’m going.

In the temples I make promises to God that I will do his will and do his work. I feel security there knowing he loves me and knows me.

I find truth in the temples. I get clarity and confusion dissipates.

I am strengthened in the temples. I feel strength to do difficult things that are right. And by right I mean what is God’s will.

The temples mean all of these things to me. The more time I spend there, the deeper I experience these things.

Temples can only be entered by people who are keeping their promises to God and living their lives as he has asked them to. This is one of the reasons it’s such a happy place. You will only see good people there, people who are being good and doing good.

Not perfect people, but definitely above the bar. The best people in the world are in the temples.

I was married in the temple for this life and for after this life. For forever. A marriage done in the temple lasts beyond this life. So to me temples mean eternal love for those we love the most.

The one word that best describes what temples mean to me is LOVE. Love of God and God’s love for me. Love of family. Love of all people because we are all brothers and sisters as God is our common parent.

Other words that describe what temples are to me: peace, security, beauty, eternity, realness, and light.

The temples are my place where all of my life’s questions and concerns are contemplated and where I get help and guidance on them.

Without the temples I would be a lost soul wandering on earth unsure where to go and what to do.

With temples I am grounded. I know who I am. I know what I will become.

This is what temples mean to me.

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