Columbia River, Washington

When I signed up over the phone to do volunteer work at this temple, my name was written down as Damon Jamin. One of the workers, John Trevino, saw that and told me he has a son named Jamin. He thought it was pretty neat to see someone with the last name matching his son’s first name.

I explained they had heard my name incorrectly over the phone, and that my last name is actually Janis. But it got me thinking, wouldn’t the name Damon Jamin Janis be pretty cool? Damon and Jamin rhyme. Jamin and Janis are an alliteration (same sound on first syllable of two words). A rhyme and an alliteration in one name!

Here are some pictures around the outside of this small and beautiful temple.

A flower bed in front of the temple:


A nice little waterfall:


Stained glass window. Inside this part of the temple is the Celestial Room. The stained glass lets in beautiful natural light: 


After working in the temple I went to the Greek Islands Cuisine, a local restaurant in Richland Washington. It gets rave reviews, the locals really like it.


My camera took such a clear picture of the chicken gyro I have to include it here.


Funny story from church. One of the men related this and said it was true. The class was discussing how we try to avoid being critical of local church leaders.

Years ago he was the bishop and an 8 year old boy came up and gave him a dollar without a donation slip. The bishop said he would put it with the tithing. The boy said “No, it’s for you.”

The bishop explained he doesn’t get paid and couldn’t take the money and said it could be donated to the missionary fund.

The boy insisted “No, it’s for you. I want to help. My mom said you are the poorest bishop we’ve ever had.”

Now for the aerial video 🙂

This temple is nestled in gentle hills in the middle of Washington state. The temple and surroundings, as you’ll see in the aerial video, are stunning:

3 thoughts on “Columbia River, Washington

  1. Damon,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences/insights. It’s a great way to know how you are doing on your trek. I particularly was touched by the thoughts you shared on living the life you were meant to live. I have come to realize that the time we have here on earth is pretty short and I personally hope to live it the way I am meant to live it. And to learn what I am supposed to learn. And to have joy along the journey. Thanks for reminding all of us about what is important.

  2. Thanks for this video Damon! I have fond memories of this temple- I used to say President Hinckley put it there just for me – 15 minutes from my house so I could go every week during a very hard two years in my life:) loved seeing it again and feeling the memories. God bless you in your journey.

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