Selling The House

Selling my house became official today. This closes an era of my life and I’m thoughtful and missing Tiffany today, like I do every day, but more so than usual. We lived in that house for 18 years.

Ronald Osmonson came to my motorhome with all the paperwork. His wife Judy passed away from breast cancer two years ago. He misses her terribly. Every morning when he wakes up he says, “Good morning Judy.” It breaks my heart. I had to hold back my tears when he told me that.

So many people throughout the world carry the wounds and sadness of their beloved spouse dying.

He’s done over 80,000 notary signings in his career. So I asked him what was the most interesting person he’s met.

Years ago he went to Hillyard, north of Spokane, to have a guy sign some papers. The guy was drunk. He had a 3 legged card table with a 9 millimeter pistol on it. As time went on, the guy got more and more agitated and kept twirling the pistol around on the table. Then he said he needed his daughter to help him with the papers.

About this time the 3 legged table fell down and the pistol skidded across the floor to the other side of the room. Ron saw an opportunity. He got up, said the guy should get his daughter, and slipped out the door.

A few weeks later the documents still weren’t signed and Ron agreed to meet the guy at a restaurant. This time he was sober and very apologetic for causing Ron to fear for his life. Ron’s take away from all this is that alcohol changes people, and not in a good way.

Do you think about your life’s purpose? The meaning your life has? What you should do to fulfill your purpose and meaning?

It’s worth figuring out the answers to these questions and acting on them.

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