Placencia Cays, Belize

A once in a lifetime opportunity – my four brothers my dad and I spent a week sailing in the Caribbean. Belize to be exact. Schedules aligned, their wives approved, money was available. And it happened!

We rented a large catamaran sailboat, charted our own course, and lived on the boat for a week. Since I was the most experienced sailor, my job was captain.

It’s so beautiful there. Having my drone provided some amazing aerial photography at some of the places we anchored at.

South Water Cay:

Cat Cay:

Hatchet Cay:

We all got scuba certified and did five dives over two days. Diving is like being in a different world. It’s so quiet and surreal. Very peaceful, floating, suspended in the water with beautiful creatures all around.

The dive boat had all our gear and the guys took care of everything.

There were sharks, turtles, eels, lobsters, and a variety of fish. Here’s a small sample.

Heather likes this next picture. She says I look happy. And fifteen years younger. Me and Roark eating some healthy vegetables.

Our first day on the water was a Sunday. Here we are having a little church service. I felt like I honored the Sabbath Day by seeing God’s hand in the beauty all around us.

In between dives, eating lunch. That’s apple juice — not beer or pee! The food in Belize was so good. This is black beans with coconut rice and Caribbean Jerk Chicken. And a home-made cinnamon roll to top it off. Mmmmm.

A small fishing boat pulled up at one of our anchorages. They had just caught some lobster and conch. Still alive. We purchased 5 pounds of each for $108 and had lobster like crazy.

On our second dive day we went to this little island to eat lunch. So picturesque.

Trying to take a picture of being tan. Tan good, picture fail! 🙂

On our way to see Monkey River.

Our lunch after the Monkey River tour. Brown beans, coconut rice, fried Slew fish (a fresh and salt water fish) delicious and flaky, and cole slaw. Yum again!

The name of our boat. We all got along great. Brother bonding time. And there was zero drama.

Eating a curry lobster and coconut rice dinner at a resort.

Here’s the view while we ate dinner.

Brandon put together a great 7 minute video overview of our trip:

Heather came to live with me at the beginning of January. She’s been through so much struggle the last few years and is working hard to get her life put back together. I’m supporting her with a safe place to live, stability, encouragement, and meeting her needs while she does the hard work of building her life back up after almost complete destruction.

This month has been tough for both of us, learning to share the same space and how to avoid pushing the other person’s buttons.

Heather gave me this when I got back. We took this picture at the Grand Canyon on our drive from Utah to Arizona on Dec 31, 2016. Her sweet note is to remind me this is how she really feels regardless of how she might in a moment be frustrated or irritated with me.

My sister Allaire came out to give Heather support while I was in Belize, enabling me to go on this wonderful trip.

Coming back after no cell phone and no internet for a week has been pleasant. Heather is doing better and making progress, my businesses are still moving forward, and I feel lighter and happier. I feel closer to my brothers and dad.

I feel so much gratitude. This trip has been healing. The wounds of Tiffany’s death still cut deep, and always will until I’m reunited with her. With time I’m learning to feel happy again and feel joy in my associations with loved ones that are still with me.

6 thoughts on “Placencia Cays, Belize

  1. Wow. wow. wow. So many cool things in this post!! Seriously, this is a dream trip. The drone videos/pictures were AMAZING. The “No More Drama” boat was perfect! I agree with Heather about the pic of you eating vegetables. 😉 And I really, really liked the framed photo Heather made for you. I think everyone needs to start the year out like this…

  2. What an awesome experience, Damon!! So cool! The drone footage gave an added dimension that most don’t get on their vacations. Loved all the seafood you got to eat — looked amazing! I don’t think I could pet the sharks, but maybe I’d eat one! Your “tan” picture reminds me of when you guys were so tan from teaching swimming lessons all those years ago. 🙂 All in all a never-to-be-forgotten trip! I, too, agree with Heather about the picture — you do look younger and happy. 🙂 I’m so very glad that Heather is with you and she is going in a positive direction! Kudos to Allaire for stepping in to help out too!

  3. Loved this! We too think you look like a younger version of yourself in the pictures! Looks like the water and sun are good for you ? It’s nice hearing and seeing you have happy experiences.

  4. Such an amazing trip for you to take with your dad and brothers! The beautiful pictures definitely look like paradise and the food is making me hungry. So glad to see you looking happy and relaxed. It seems like you were meant to be a captain! I really loved the darling picture of Heather and you together! It is wonderful that she is with you and is doing so well.

  5. Hello. You don’t know me, but I ran across your blog while searching “LDS Placencia Belize.” My husband and I were recently married and sealed in August, and finally taking our honeymoon in Belize this coming May. While I was born into the Church, fell away and rejoined, my husband joined just 2 years prior to our wedding and sealing. We aren’t spring chickens (I’m 38 and he is 51), so integrating lives has been difficult…not to mention sharing all this with my 17 year old daughter that has had me all to herself her whole life. My point is that I’m so grateful to have stumbled across your blog. It reminded me to cherish my new marriage and keep an eternal perspective. I would want my husband to miss me like it seems you miss your Tiffany; that also means I need to be more kind and loving like it seems Tiffany was. Please forgive me if this is too bold to write on your blog since I don’t know you. I just wanted to thank you for changing my heart, my perspective, and probably saving my eternal marriage.

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