Bountiful, Utah

You’ll want to see the aerial video for this temple (below). It’s the best I’ve done yet. The temple is up on a hill overlooking the valley and the Great Salt Lake, it’s pretty cool.

The open house for this temple was in 1994. I went there with Tiffany and our four very young children (5,4,2,1). We were able to walk through the finished temple. It was the first temple open house I’d been to and was grateful my little children were able to see it.

It was quite cold. I think it was November or December and we had to wait in a line outside for a while because there were so many people wanting to see it. The wait was worth it.

After visiting this temple I went out to dinner with my brother Brandon, his wife Mindy, and my good friend. We went to Taste of India in Bountiful, and ate some Chicken Tikki Marsala, and Lamb Tikki Marsala.

Whenever I eat lamb I feel connected to my Jewish ancestors. I’m pretty sure they were having lamb back in ancient Israel 🙂

Unhappily, I forgot to take a picture at the restaurant.

Here’s the beautiful aerial video!

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  1. Great video, Damon! I remember going to that open house with you guys too. We had driven out from CA to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family in Provo — we only had Brian at the time and we drove out with Mom, Dad, Whitney, and James. We went with Aunt Rita’s family as well. You’re right –it was cold but worth it!

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