Moving Day – Full Time RVing

I’ve decided to sell my house, give away and sell all my stuff except for what I need, and move into my motorhome.

My plan is to go visit all the Mormon Temples in the United States. There are almost 80 of them.

At the end of January 2015 I purchased a brand new 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40G, diesel pusher motorhome. Monstrosity! I’ve never owned an RV or motorhome before, and wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, so I decided to just jump in with both feet and get something really nice to make sure I had the best possible likelihood of being happy with it.

I also purchased a new Jeep Cherokee. Jeep’s are good for flat towing (all four wheels down) because their transmission goes into true neutral and you can tow it forever without burning out the transmission.

Here are some pics of the inside. It’s about 430 sq. ft. when the slides are extended. It’s a small portable apartment. A house on wheels. A Casoda (Portuguese concatenation for ‘house on wheels’).

kitchen beds bathroom dinette drivers throne

One thought on “Moving Day – Full Time RVing

  1. Simplifying at its finest. 🙂 Bittersweet feelings about the house, I’m sure, but ultimately a relief of sorts. Lots of happy memories were made within its walls.

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