Gilbert, Arizona

Tiffany and I visited this temple in February 2014, and again in March 2014. It had just opened and we were living temporarily in Scottsdale where Tiffany was receiving cancer treatment.

You’d never know from this picture she was in the middle of chemo and radiation for terminal stage 4 colon cancer.

She was energetic and brought happiness and encouragement to all the patients and staff. Her deep faith, positive attitude, and exuberance of gratitude was a great example that strengthened many people around her.

Notice anything about the tie? 🙂

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This is the only picture I took of the temple grounds today. I attended the Snowflake temple earlier in the day, then drove to Gilbert. It was 101 degrees and I was tired.

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Before working in the temple I had dinner with my son Taylor and his friend Kelly Oates.

One year ago Taylor was serving as a missionary for our church in Maricopa, near Tempe. Taylor and his missionary companion Elder Jolly went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Kelly was there eating and they introduced themselves and explained they were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Over several months Kelly learned more about the gospel and decided to join the church. She told me she’s so happy now. You can see it in her beaming face! She’s heading off to BYU-I next week to finish her last year as an undergraduate in college.

I served a two year mission in Brazil and my 3 sons have served missions. One thing is certain, the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives for the better. I’ve seen it over and over again.

The Gospel brings more happiness, more internal peace, and more understanding of who we are and our life’s purpose.

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3 thoughts on “Gilbert, Arizona

  1. I do like the same ties! In the photo from last year, did you and Tiff coordinate your black and white? About all the basic patterns were covered…floral, animal print, pseudo-polka dot, and plaid. Stripes are the only basic missing, yes? Neat story about Kelly, and fun to see the always positive Taylor. In memories of Tiff, her nurse Grant from Scottsdale was truly genuine when he said she was the favorite. Yep. True.

  2. Thanks for sharing enjoy hearing about your family and Temple visits. Post as often as you like you will help others as you share your journey.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the Gilbert Temple, you and Tiffany there, and the smiling photo of you, Taylor and Kelly. I loved Kelly’s conversion story! I remember that John and I drove out to Scottsdale in December 2013 and spent a few special days with Tiffany while you, Damon, were in Texas on business. While we were there, we drove past the recently completed, but not yet opened Gilbert Temple. We got a little lost getting there , but Tiffany was undaunted in knowing we would eventually find it. It was all lit up at night and looked incredible. A sweet memory of being with our Tiffany on that lovely December evening.

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