Portland, Oregon

I wasn’t able to do volunteer work in this temple because it’s closed for maintenance. Rather than delay the trip I decided to visit anyway and take some pictures and aerial video.

The visitor center was open. The husband and wife couple working there as missionaries are from Salt Lake City and have been here in Portland for 3 weeks. They said none of the missionaries have air conditioning where they live and they’ve had a difficult time adjusting to the heat.

The landscaping, as I’m seeing at all the temples, is immaculate and beautiful. Here is a closeup of some of the flowers and shrubs.


This temple is stunning. It’s massive. I’m not sure the pictures do it justice for it’s size, but you can see it’s a beautiful structure.



And now for the aerial video. Like the Seattle Temple, the Portland Temple is also surrounded by massive trees. You have to appreciate how large this temple is to appreciate how tall these trees are.

5 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon

  1. This temple is dear to my heart. We were living in Portland when it was built and were able to attend one of the dedicatory sessions in the temple. It’s amazing how much local opposition there was to its construction. Many people claimed it would be an eye sore. Can you believe that? This is the most beautiful building in the entire state.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you Damon for sharing your journey with the world. I’m getting to see some temples I will probably never get to visit.

  3. This is one of my favorite temples and where I was married. Hopefully you can go back and visit sometime when it is open because it is as beautiful inside as it is outside.

  4. I just found that you did get to go to Portland. It is amazing. Hopefully someday you will make it back to actually go inside.

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