Newport Beach, California

I was given advice today — get married. Unsolicited and from a credible source.

How it came about:

While working in the temple a small group of us were talking a bit. The subject came up of what happens after we die and what we can look forward to. I mentioned that my wife passed away last January and that this subject has been on my mind a lot.

An elderly couple named the Jensen’s said they had both lost their spouses.

They expressed an understanding of the resulting pain, sadness, and loneliness. And then they said, “Get married.” Getting married has brought them joy and companionship again. They highly recommend it 🙂

It was nice to talk to people who exactly understand what I’ve gone through and am still going through. It’s helpful to learn from their experience.

A couple months after Tiffany passed away I had lunch with a friend from my church, Jerry Udy, whose wife died from cancer 12 years ago in their 40’s. He re-married 6 months later. Many people judged him and thought that was too fast, but he felt it was the right timing for him and is glad he did.

I’m grateful to have met the Jensen’s. I feel more hopeful that there are better days ahead and there can still be joy in my life. I haven’t felt much for what feels like a long time.

So about this temple. It’s definitely one of my new favorites. I like the Spanish Mission architecture. I wish I could show you what it looks like inside, it’s elegant in a graceful way.

Here are pictures I took as I walked around the grounds:

IMG_2662 IMG_2663 IMG_2665 IMG_2667 IMG_2668

4 thoughts on “Newport Beach, California

  1. Beautiful pictures, Damon 🙂 I’m sure it must be so very difficult to consider the prospect of remarrying. But, I have faith, that the Lord will lead you down a road at the right time, that will intersect with someone or something that is needed… which will help fill the void and bring you joy again 🙂

  2. My brother lost his wife a few years ago and remarried less than 6 months later. He was judged, I’m sure, but you have to do what is right for you (and your kids). Don’t worry about what others think about you.

    I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but am confident you will find happiness and joy again. Hoping this journey will guide you to your next pathway.

  3. My husband died 6 years ago and I have been so afraid to date or even think about it, not because I may be judged but, I think because I’m scared.
    I wish someone would have giving me that advise. I also know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of his children.

    I hope with all of my heart that you received comfort visiting the Temples. (That, by the way I think is an amazing journey to embark )
    Looking forward to see more of your pics.
    Have a great day!!! ?

  4. I am enjoying your photos, thank you for sharing. My Sweetie and I enjoyed traveling and thankfully we didn’t wait until our retirement years Last month he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep. You and your wife were a beautiful couple I am sorry for your loss

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