St. George, Utah

This temple was the first completed in Utah — 1877.

I got to visit this temple with Tiffany’s brother and his wife, John and Val. They live in Hurricane (the locals pronounce it Her-ah-kun), about 10 minutes from St. George. It’s beautiful country here in southern Utah.

Val has experienced the loss of both of her parents and one of her children. I’m grateful for the perspectives she shared with me during this visit.

After attending the temple, we went out to dinner at a pleasant and scenic restaurant appropriately called Cliffside. It’s literally on the edge of a cliff with a perfect view of St. George.

john and val cliffside

Tiffany’s sister Whitney was married at this temple on Oct 9, 2006. Which happened to be my 40th birthday. It was a beautiful day. Rainy, but beautiful.


Tiffany threw a big 40th birthday party for me with all the family there, and she made this video collage which really touched my heart:

After the disappointing meal in Las Vegas, the Cliffside made up for it. I got a NY Strip steak. Perfect.


15 years ago my brother Brandon and I started a restaurant called Durango’s Mexican Grill. It’s in the Chipotle genre of restaurants. What makes it unique are the smothered burritos. Delish.

We were young and inexperienced in business at the time and unhappily overcapitalized it. It still thrives however in St. George and Hurricane where one of our franchisees has managed it spectacularly well and the locals love it.

The concept is wonderful and someday if we feel like it, and given our experience now, perhaps we’ll turn it into a large chain. Just for fun.

durangos in front

Here’s my grilled chicken smothered burrito. I’m telling you, these are delish 🙂


7 thoughts on “St. George, Utah

  1. We were in Saint George on Thursday and Friday. To bad we missed you. Our youngest daughter starts classes today at DSU.

  2. I’m so happy that your were able to spend some time with John and Val and visit the St. George temple with them. I remember our whole family being there at that temple for Whitney’s wedding, which also happened to be your 40th birthday. It was a special day in which we celebrated two wonderful events!

  3. The scenery in St. George is spectacular! Glad the food this time was too. And of course each and every temple is spectacular in its own way.

  4. One of Tiffany’s ancestors helped build this temple. He was Alfred Henson, the grandfather to our grandpa, Glenn Henson Scott. He was sent by Brigham Young to go from his home in Idaho down to St George to help. Alfred also helped build the Logan Utah temple. Neat story about their trip to St George: One horse became lame on the way. Then a horse came up and let Alfred hitch it up to the wagon. Then, when their horse recovered, the mystery horse ran away. More details are in the family histories, but that temple is special to our family.

  5. I have a home in St. George now and love the temple there and Durangos. My husband Terry passed away 6 years ago. I’ve enjoyed reading your experiences. Sorry for your loss.

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